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London Plane Backpackers

Managed by a vibrant team of young enthusiasts who have explored countless corners of the world, London Plane Backpackers is nestled within a historical building that has been a destination for international travellers for over 20 years. 
The backpacker hostel, taking its name from the renowned London Plane tree, a verdant sentinel lining Victoria Street, deeply intertwines with the historic and cultural fabric of Potts Point and Kings Cross. Our establishment serves as an iconic symbol of the area's vibrant past, playing a pivotal role in the scenic landscape of these beloved localities.

London Plane_Courtyard.JPG
London Plane_Courtyard3.JPG

L - Laid Back Lounge


Our welcoming lounge area is designed to be a comfortable, communal space where travelers can relax, socialize, and share stories. With plush seating, a diverse selection of books and games, and a television, this space embodies the spirit of camaraderie that makes our hostel so unique.

P - Personalized 


We cater to the varying needs of our guests by offering a choice of living spaces. Whether you prefer the community feel of our clean and spacious bunk beds or the quiet comfort of a private room, we've got you covered. Our affordable accommodations are meticulously maintained to ensure your utmost comfort during your stay.

London Plane_DormRoom14-2.JPG
London Plane_PrivateRoom8.JPG
London Plane_Kitchen.JPG
London Plane_Garden.JPG

B - Blossoming Backyard and Kitchen


At the heart of our hostel is our communal kitchen, stocked with all the essentials for guests to prepare meals just like at home. Adjacent to the kitchen, you'll find our blossoming backyard. A peaceful haven in the middle of the city, our garden is a perfect spot for relaxation, outdoor meals, or simply enjoying nature.


At London Plane Backpackers, we provide more than just a place to rest.

Our communal kitchen invites you to create your favourite meals, while our complimentary laundry room keeps your travel gear fresh.

For relaxation and camaraderie, enjoy the tranquility of our garden or fire up a feast with our BBQ facilities. With our thoughtfully curated amenities, your stay will be as comfortable as it is memorable.


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